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Prayer First then UltraMito saved my Cat’s Life

In August of 2015, Our ‘Survivor’ kitty was mauled by our great dane and was in very bad shape. He had stepped on her head when she was sleeping and it surprised her. Her giant jaws of death dislocated his jaw, all his teeth were sideways and his little skull was cracked on top. Any vet would have put him down.

We prayed for near four hours straight over him and saw his skull quit bleeding and seeping (yes it was gross but we were focussed) and then after an hour more of prayer his little jaw went back into place and then his teeth started straightening out. He survived and over the coming days and weeks we fed him water and liquid egg by dropper, nursing him back to health.

Survivor is a miracle proof kid that God answers prayer.

As he became ambulatory again and started eating pureed meat, he started doing much better — BUT — his right front fang was the one tooth that never straightened out, the tip still rests in the middle of his tongue and so his mouth didn’t close right and his little tongue was hanging out.

2 months he was going downhill again and we knew the tooth was infected because it was so sensitive to the touch. He was hiding and sleeping way too much. Over the following six months we had to dropper feed him antibiotics for four weeks at a time to get the infection to stop. But it would not stay gone long…

We saved and saved to have his tooth pulled but we just did not have enough.

In January 2016, a friend sent us a field test bottle of a brand new product for pets called Ultra Mito Mobility that energizes them at the cellular level, feeding the Mitochondria, the little power plants inside the cells of the body. We gave it to survivor by mouth three times a day for a month and WOW! in just three days he started acting more like his old self. In two weeks he was chasing his ball and playing again.

His tooth was no longer sensitive to the touch and he started eating his dry food again and no longer meowed for soft food.

The product lasted until it was released in February and so we got two more bottles. we still give it to him once a day — sometimes twice, just a little half dropper in the side of his mouth.

Now Survivor hikes up our prayer mountain with us each morning trotting along behind us and running ahead of us on the trail just like a little puppy dog.

Seriously, I don’t even think cats are supposed to do that stuff are they? LOL.

Be Blessed,
Revs David and Dolores


Ultra Mito

UltraMito Mobility is a completely natural Pet supplement designed to help your dog or cat rapidly get back their lost energy and ability to get around. Designed to affect their bodies at the cellular level, UltraMito Mobility is a scientific breakthrough in pet health care for aging furry family members.

  • Guaranteed to show results in days, not months
  • You’ll see your aging pet get around better or your money back
  • Cause joint stiffness to abate and improves your pet’s flexibility
  • Undoes cellular damage due to oxidation and other aging mechanisms
  • Raises cellular energy levels and lowers inflammation
  • 100% safe: zero side effects, best given by dropper orally but can be given with food.

UltraMito Mobility is comprised of completely natural phyto-nutrients from plants that have been scientifically demonstrated  to be healthy, meticulously  selected for their positive effects on the Mitochondrial power plants inside the cells of your pet’s body. Bioavailability of these beneficial substances is often low when taken by mouth,  so UltraMito Mobility utilizes XDS™, a revolutionary delivery system designed to allow these powerful nutrients to penetrate into cells and to be delivered to mitochondria, where they can become extremely effective.

Our formula’s nutrients act to guard the cell from free radical damage, repair membranes, and improve energy metabolism. By effectively mitigating free radicals, the cell can focus on making repairs, rather than fighting ongoing damage. By restoring function to cell membranes, all cellular functions benefit from increased efficiency and optimization of nutrient transport and cellular defense and signaling mechanisms. By optimizing mitochondrial energy production, the cell now can begin to perform long-term restorative maintenance that would have been impossible without the protection and enhancement provided by the UltraMito Mobility formula. Organ function becomes increasingly optimized as pets continue to receive UltraMito Mobility because organs are communities of similar cells. As cell function improves, the function of organs improves. The result is a restoration of function in all body systems that have begun to show effects of aging. This is the key to the comprehensive, holistic restoration of function delivered by UltraMito Mobility.

By giving UltraMito Mobility to your pet, you can expect to see a renewed zest for life within days. Your pet will soon be moving like he hasn’t for years. With continued use, the years will gradually fall away, and you will have your companion back. All without stimulants or side effects. All because of UltraMito Mobility.

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